What Supplements Should I be Taking?

A common question I hear a lot is, “Should I take supplements, or not? And if so which ones?”. This is something that is going to be a personal preference depending on you as an individual. Supplements are great for aiding us in areas that we might be lacking, but sometimes it’s not necessary that we need to be taking them. The key is to find out what areas we feel we need some help and support in, and then knowing exactly what supplement we can use to help assist us in that area. Finding a supplement that you like and trust is a big player in that as well. Here is a list of some of our supplements that we like here at the gym!

HMB Sport

HMB is a dietary supplement that helps to reduce muscle damage that occurs from training. Because it helps to reduce the muscle damage that occurs it allows us to also reduce our recovery time, which means we will be able to train harder and more efficiently. HMB has also been shown to help increase both overall muscle strength and endurance. This is because HMB is a chemical tha