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Snack Smarter

Snacking is something that all of us do, some of us mindfully and others not so much. I’ve heard several people say “I’m always eating good food, so I don’t know why I’m still not losing weight.” I can confidently say that with about 95% of these cases, it all comes down to their snacking habits. I have those people log literally every little thing they eat over the course of the day, and after 2 or 3 days they can see just how many calories they’ve been consuming with their snacks. This is the case with most people and is why snacking is sometimes something that we need to keep more of an eye on more so than our actual meals.

Eat Protein-Rich Snacks

One of the best types of snacks that we can eat are ones that are rich in protein. One of the reasons being that this will help us meet our protein requirements for the day and help support muscle recovery and growth. But the other reason being that snacks that are high in protein will help keep us fuller for longer. Most of us tend to reach for snacks that are high in sugar. While this snacks might taste great and give you an instant energy boost, they will ultimately make you crash and then leave you feeling even more hungry than you were beforehand. So try and go for snacks like protein bars, yogurt, and nuts instead of chips, cookies, and sweets.

Don’t Keep Packaged Snacks Handy

I know not keeping pre packaged snacks handy is something that can be hard for some people depending on what their daily schedule is like, so this is one that has a little bit of wiggle room. However, really what I want you to get across from this one is to try and keep out packaged items like chips, cookies, candy, and cereals. You want to try and make these items as inconvenient as possible for you to get. Ideally, it should be to where if you want to eat one of those items you will have to actually drive to the store to get some. I mean who would really want to go out of their way to go to the grocery store to buy a bag of chips? Some packaged snacks that you could keep around the house or your office are nuts, rice cakes, and protein/granola bars.

Don’t Buy Value Packs

While value packs can come in handy for certain food items that we eat often, we want to try and stay away from buying value packs when it comes to snacks. The reasoning for this is because we buy these thinking that in buying the value pack it will last us over a long span of time. Our thinking when we are buying it is that it will last us a long time and will allow us to have that snack handy when we are craving it. Unfortunately, that’s not what usually happens. What usually ends up happening is that we now know that we have this snack handy and tend to crave it more, and therefore end up reaching for it more. Before you know it, this value pack that you thought was going to last you a year only ended up lasting you a couple of months. So if there is a snack that you are wanting, try and only buy one at a time instead of buying them in bulk.