Serving Size vs Portion Size

We hear the words serving size and portion size all the time, but do we actually know what those terms mean? Most people tend to think that these terms are synonymous, but they actually are not. When it comes to our nutrition, knowing what these two terms actually mean is important. So I’m going to go ahead and break down the definitions of each of these two terms.

Serving Size

This is a term that we hear used over and over when it comes to nutrition, and tends to be a term that is thrown around loosely. Whether we are reading it on a food label, or we are hearing it said while in conversation, we don’t always fully understand what this term means. Serving size is referring to the specific quantity that typically serves as a reference for the nutrient content and value of that food. So this means that the serving size isn’t necessarily the amount of food that we should eat. I think most of us see the serving size, and assume that’s the amount that we should be eating, when in fact most of the time it’s not. When a serving size is placed on an item, basically all it is doing is informing you of the nutrition content with