Reading Food Labels... Explained

When it comes to finding foods that are healthy for us, we can always go to look at one thing, the food label. The problem with this is most of us don’t always know exactly what we’re supposed to be looking for when we do start looking at it. Obviously, most of us start by looking at the calories and then work our way down to the fats, carbs, and protein content. However, there is a lot of other useful information that we can find when we look at food labels. Knowing what we need to be looking for, can be that next little step that will help push us over that hump that we’ve been stuck on.

Serving Sizes

When it comes to looking at food labels, there are two things that we need to take a look at. These are the servings per container, and the serving size. This is something that most people bypass when it comes to looking at the food label, yet this is one of the more important things. Sure, finding a box of mac and cheese that is only 230 calories is great, but what can get you is the serving size, and servings per container of that box. Because you might think you’re only eating 230 calories worth of mac and cheese when in reality you just ate about 800