Pre-workout foods

Over the course of the last few months, we’ve talked about foods that we can eat to help us optimize our recovery from our workouts and to get the most out of our bodies. However, what we put into our bodies before our workout can be equally as important as what we put in after. What we consume before a workout can help give our bodies the push and the fuel they need to make it through the workout, no matter what is thrown at us. Here are some ideas of foods that we can start adding into our pre-workout routine that will help us maximize our workouts.


Bananas are always a great go-to for a pre-workout snack, seeing as they are packed full of carbs and potassium. The carbs will help give you that hit of natural energy, while the potassium will help with the prevention of cramps during your workout. In addition to that, bananas help to support nerve and muscle function. Eating a banana 15-30 minutes before a workout will help give you the energy boost you need without leaving a heavy feeling of food sitting in your stomach.