Labor Day & Friendly Reminders

We ARE OPEN for Labor Day

We will have a full schedule tomorrow so no excuse to miss a Monday! This is also  a great chance to bring a buddy, someone you've been trying to convince to join but haven't got them in the door yet. Send them to the website or Instagram (@blackironcf) to sign-up for a FREE Trial or schedule a No-Sweat Intro Phone call/meeting.

Friendly reminders

  • Please use our reservation policy to reserve and sign-in to classes using the Wodify Athlete App. 

  • If you cannot make it to a class you reserved for please go in and cancel your reservation ASAP to free up that slot for other athletes.

  • We have OPEN GYM hours on M-F from 0730-0930 and 1030-1200 as well as on Sunday from 0900-1030.