The first thing that comes to mind when people think of the word “diet” tends to be that they need a high protein diet. However, that isn’t necessarily true. While a high protein diet can be beneficial to us, it can also become a bad thing if taken in excess. When we consume the appropriate amount of protein, it helps allow our muscles to recover better, helps rebuild tissues and hormones, helps strengthen our immune system, as well as aiding in keeping us fuller for longer bouts of time. Conversely, if we eat too much protein, although it is something that is rather difficult to do, our bodies won’t store the protein for later use or for extra recovery, it will instead just get stored as fat like the other macros.

A big question that most people have when it comes to getting enough protein in their diets is whether they should consume their protein in the foods they eat, or consume it in protein powder. The answer to this is pretty simple. While it’s more beneficial to us to consume our protein in whole foods since we get more added nutrients along with the protein, consuming it in powder form can also be beneficial to us. Consuming protein powder is a good option, either for when you are on the go or fo