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Nutrient Timing and Why Consistency Matters

Not only is the food that we put into our bodies important, but the frequency in which we put that food in our bodies is just as important. There are two different ways we can time the intake of nutrients that go into our bodies. One of those ways is going to be by eating consistently throughout the day around the same time. The other way we can do it is through fasting. Both of these options can help us meet our goals, the big thing will be figuring out which one works best for you. This week I am going to go over how eating consistently can benefit us, and next week I will be going over how fasting can be beneficial to us. From there, then all you will need to do is find which works best for you and then you’ll be set!

When it comes to eating, we will find that our bodies work best when they know they are going to be getting fed. So being able to set up a schedule for eating each day is something that can become very beneficial to us. When our body knows that it is going to be getting nutrients around a certain time, it will make itself ready to receive those nutrients. It will also help prevent our bodies from holding onto unnecessary nutrients and storing nutrients for later use. Here is a more in depth look at how all of this helps us.

Creating an Eating Schedule

Just like how most of us like to have a set schedule so we know what we are going to be doing when, our bodies are no different. We will find that our bodies will thrive if we fuel them on a consistent basis. When we give our bodies fuel consistently, they are able to run better because they always have something to burn and aren’t having to take from other stores in your body. I know when you hear this you first think “well how am I supposed to stay at a deficit, when she wants me eating all day?”. I promise it’s easier than you think! Just because we are trying to eat something about every 3 hours, doesn’t mean it has to be something big. It can just be a small, simple snack, but it’ll be something that your body can put to good use.

Consistency = Energy

We will also find that when we start eating more frequently throughout the day that we have more energy. Because once again, our bodies now have something to burn off. The best way for us to try and eat consistently throughout the day is to set up an eating schedule. Now I don’t mean that we have to eat at the same exact time down to the minute everyday, but we do want to try and eat generally around the same time every day. Also try and find times that work best for you with your schedule, otherwise you’ll find it to be very tough to stay consistent. Once we are able to establish eating times for us, we will find that our bodies will then begin to get used to that schedule and will start asking for food around the same times every day. This means that our bodies are ready to receive the nutrients that we are going to be giving them and those nutrients are going to get used more efficiently.

Tapping Into Fat Storage

Now that our bodies know when they are getting fed, they are going to be able to start tapping into our fat stores once we begin to go into that caloric deficit instead of our body holding onto it. This is because our bodies now aren’t left to wonder each day when they are going to be getting fed. Because of this it will help us now tap into that unwanted body fat storage, and will allow us to burn off that body fat. So not only will we now be burning off that unwanted fat once we dip down into that deficit, but we also won’t be holding onto nutrients that we don’t need anymore.

As you can see, eating consistently throughout the day can be a huge benefit to us. It helps set up our bodies for success in several different ways. These ways being that our body will now be able to run more efficiently overall, we will have more energy throughout the day, and we will finally be able to tap into those unwanted fat stores. All we need to do is find a schedule that works best for us with our normal daily routines, and then find meals that help align with that eating schedule. After a few weeks of staying consistent, you’ll find that your body will begin to know when it should be given food.

Have a few more questions before getting started? Schedule your 20 minute intro call with one of our coaches today!

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