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Vegetables are one of those things that we know we need more of, yet we find it hard to add more of them into our diet. This reasoning is usually due to how they taste overall. I’m not gonna lie, we all know most veggies aren’t the best-tasting things in the world. However, if we can find new ways to add flavor to our veggies it will begin to make them more appealing to put on our plate. Then we will begin to reap the benefits that veggies have to offer, all the while being able to actually enjoy the taste of them. Here are some ways we can spice up those veggies.

Roast Veggies

This is an easy way for us to cook vegetables, especially during the winter months and it allows us to cook just about any vegetable we choose. All you have to do is turn the oven up to 400-425 degrees and throw the veggies in the oven for about 20-30 minutes. The only prep work that is involved for this is to throw some oil onto the veggies and season with your seasoning of choice. This is a quick and easy option to cook your vegetables and allows you to work on cooking the rest of your dinner while those are in the oven.

Make a Salad

Making a salad is just about the easiest way to get a wide variety of vegetables into one meal. We can easily change up how we make a salad from meal to meal. When making a salad, the more vegetables you can add the better! Once you have all of the vegetables that you want, add a protein source to round it out as a meal. Finally, add some low-calorie dressing to add the finishing touches to your salad.

Dip Veggies

There are many different ways we can add flavor to our veggies by dipping them into different sauces. While it’s easy to dip them into just about anything, we want to be careful about what we choose for our dipping sauces. Things such as ranch are one of the more popular forms of dipping sauces for veggies. With something such as that you want to be careful with how much sauce you put on your vegetable. AKA try to not drown your vegetable in your dipping sauce - the idea is to have more vegetables than sauce. Another common dipping sauce that we could use for our veggies is hummus. This is a great option when it comes to dipping sauces because this is one that has several nutritional benefits, as well as helps add more flavor to your vegetable.

Add Veggies to Eggs

This is a great way to add vegetables to our breakfast. Sometimes, breakfast can be a hard meal to add some vegetables into, just because of the foods that are normally associated with breakfast. With that being said, adding vegetables to your eggs in the morning is an easy way to get this done. Some vegetables that we could add to our eggs are bell peppers, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and carrots.

Season Veggies

This is a simple solution that gives you endless possibilities. Most seasonings are low-calorie if no calories at all. When it comes to the seasoning that we choose, we could also pick one that has no salt. I like to use Mrs. Dash's seasoning because a lot of seasonings tend to contain a high amount of salt.

Add Veggies to Smoothies

Smoothies are always an easy go-to, whether it be for a quick breakfast in the morning or for a quick snack on the go. Usually when we think of making smoothies most of us just think about including different fruits in it and don’t typically think about including vegetables. However, starting to incorporate some vegetables into our smoothies can be a good way to help hide the flavor of some vegetables. Vegetables such as kale, which I know practically nobody likes to eat on their own, is a good ingredient to start adding to our smoothies. It is full of all kinds of nutrients that our body needs and it also won’t alter the taste of your smoothie that much. Ideally, we want to make a smoothie that contains a vegetable, a fruit, a protein source, a healthy fat source, and a liquid.

Grill Veggies

Grilling veggies is an easy way to not only cook them, but it’s also a super-easy way to incorporate them into what you’re already grilling. You can add the veggies and the meat that you are planning on eating that meal and make it into a kabob. This is a great way to be able to get your protein and veggies sources together, and it’s a quick and easy clean-up!

So eating veggies doesn’t always have to be as bad as we seem to make it! There are several different ways that you can make them and change things up - the possibilities are endless! Get creative with how you make your veggies and make them enjoyable for you to eat!

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