Here is today's #WOD!


Weighted Sit-ups: x12-15 reps


Side Plank Dumbbell Powell Raise: x8 reps (each side)


Ring Support Plank Hold: :30-:60 seconds

x4 Rounds



8 DB Renegade Rows @35/20#

8 No Push DB Burpee (DL) 

16 Seated Plate Russian Twist

8 No Push Burpees onto Plate (W/O DB)

8 Cal Row


400m Farmer Carry (DB or KB) @50-53/35


Nice work today, don’t forget to track your progress and check in on Facebook or post your pictures and videos on Instagram. Follow @blackironcf and tag us with the hashtags #blackironcf

Happier. Healthier.

Your friends at BICF

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