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Here is your workout of the day!


A1. Option 1

Cossack Squats: 4 sets x12-16 reps **total

A1. Option 2

Lateral Box Step ups: 4 sets x8 reps **each side 


A2. Lateral Banded Plank Hold: 4 sets x:30 seconds


AMRAP 9 *MAP Training

40 DUs

2 alt Turkish Get Ups @53/35

10 Front Squats @95/65

Directly into

1k Row

Mission accomplished!

Nice work today, don’t forget to track your progress and check in on Facebook or post your pictures and videos on Instagram. Follow @blackironcf and tag us with the hashtags #blackironcf

Happier. Healthier.

Your friends at BICF

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