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5 Habits For Successful Grocery Shopping

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned some ways in which we can save money when we go to the grocery store. However, even with knowing ways in which we can save money, that doesn’t guarantee that you’re set up for success when walking into the store. So just how do we set ourselves up for success when walking into the grocery store? Thankfully, there’s an easy fix for that!

Stay On the Outer Edges of the Store

I know y'all have probably heard this numerous times, but this is an easy first step that will help keep us on track when walking into the store. Almost all of the foods you need are going to be located on the outer perimeters of the store. Doing this will help us collect all of the foods we actually need and will help us avoid walking down the aisles with items we don’t need, such as cookies and chips. If there is something that you need that isn’t located on the outer edge of the store, make sure you only go down the aisle that has that item and don’t walk around unnecessary aisles.

Go in with a List

Once again, I know this is something you’ve heard repeated over and over, but will once again this will help to keep you on track. Going into the store with a list of all of the items you need will not only help you only get the food items that you need, but it will also help save you time. It will allow you to have a plan when walking into the store, and will limit the amount of time spent walking down aisles. Not only will it help save you time from walking around aisles that you don’t need to go down, but just like sticking to the outer edges of the store, it will also help you avoid walking down the aisles with all of the tempting sweets and treats that we don’t need.

Don’t Shop Hungry

Lets admit it, we’ve all been guilty of doing this a time or two and I’m sure we can all agree that we come home with way more food than we needed, and not good foods at that. When we go into the store hungry, we will find that almost everything that comes into our sight sounds good and therefore we then find it sitting in our carts. Thankfully, this is a pretty easy thing to fix. Next time before you decide to go into the grocery store, make sure you have something like a small snack to hold you over.

Read Labels

Reading the food labels will help give you a better idea of what you are actually putting into your body. While most of the fresh foods that we purchase don’t come with a label, some of the foods that we do buy will come with a label. While most of the foods that we buy with a label should be whole foods with minimal ingredients, I know that sometimes we have to buy other foods. So when we do go to purchase those other foods, go ahead and take a look at the label to be sure of what you’re actually eating. Try and buy foods that have a smaller list of ingredients, and a list of ingredients that we can pronounce all of the ingredients nonetheless. Doing so will ensure that we are getting minimally processed foods that are better for us.

Try and Avoid Buying in Bulk

I know this sounds like a crazy idea, but I promise this can be of great benefit to us. I understand that buying things in bulk can help save us money, but it can also very quickly lead to overeating due to the large size. So if we do decide to buy in bulk, try and divide that item into smaller portions once you get home. This will help you save the money that buying in bulk can offer you, but it will also help you limit the overeating factor.

So now not only do we know how we can save money when going into the grocery store, but we also now know how we can stay on track. These simple steps listed above are simple, yet effective. Doing things like taking these small steps will help set us up for success, not only in the short term but also the long term.

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