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WARM-UP 2 Rounds

15 Body/Banded Good mornings

10 Single Leg Glute Bridges **each side

5 Lying Knee Tucks


5 Push-ups

3 Burpees

:10 sec Hollow Hold

3 Inch worms

5 Supermans

HOME GYM TRACK 14 Minute Clock @80%

50 Burpee (Buy-in)


10 DB Renegade Rows @50/35

10 DB Deadlifts @50/35

10 DB Push Presses @50/35

20 Sit-ups

**all DB work performed as double DBs

**For those who can perform GHD Sit-ups x15 reps


50 Burpee (Buy-in)


10 Renegade Rows 

10 Deadlifts 

10 Push Presses

20 Sit-ups

Alternative Equipment/Movement


  • KB double

  • DB/KB

  • BB perform: Bent over Pendlay Rows

  • Plate/MedBall: perform Bent of Rows

BODY WEIGHT TRACK 14 Minute Clock @80%

50 Burpee (Buy-in)


10 Plank Toe Touches

15 Glute Bridges w/1 sec pause @top

10 HSPUs

20 Sit-ups

Alternative Movement


  • Pike Push-ups

  • 2 Wall Walks 


Snatch Balance: building to a heavy 5 rep, 3 rep, and 1 rep

**No not a max, No misses

COACHES CHALLENGE HSPUs Work **Unbroken sets

Opt 1:

5 sets x5 reps AFAP Strict


5 sets x10 reps  AFAP Kipping

Opt 2:

8 sets x3 reps AFAP Strict

7 sets x7 reps AFAP Kipping

Opt 3: 

10 x 1 rep AFAP Strict

10 sets x5 reps AFAP Kipping

Opt 4:

20 sets x3 reps

Opt 5:

75 Push-ups AFAP (changing hands position every rep)

MOBILITY Lying knee hug (30 sec each)

Body facing up on the ground

Bring knee to chest

Hold with both arms

Supine scorpion (1 min each)

Body facing up, bring one knee up to your chest, grab knee with the opposite hand, and push it laterally towards the floor. 

Self hug stretch (30 sec each)

Seating down bring one arm across your chest and hold it with the other.

Mission accomplished! Nice work today, don’t forget to track your progress and check in on Facebook or post your pictures and videos on Instagram. Follow @blackironcf and tag us with the hashtags #blackironcf #supportyourlocalbox Happier. Healthier. Your friends at BICF

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