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4 Easy Ways To Eat More Protein

I know y’all have heard me say several times to try and add more protein into our diet, but I’m sure as we have found from experience that this can be something rather difficult to do. Whether we are trying to lose weight and tone up or trying to put on a little bit more mass, protein is a big player in this. So the real question is, just how do we meet our protein goal? Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to try and optimize your protein intake each day.

Increase Your Protein Portion Size

One of the first, and easiest, ways to add protein into your diet is by simply increasing your protein portion size. Now I don’t mean we have to make drastic changes to our protein intake at each meal, but making small changes can make the world of difference for us. What I mean by this is that instead of having 4 ounces of protein, maybe bump that up to 6 ounces. For example, if we normally eat 4 ounces of chicken that means we usually consume about 32 grams of protein. However, if we were to bump that up to 6 ounces of chicken then that would knock our protein intake up to 48 grams. So if we continue to make small changes like that at every meal, it will help make our protein numbers way more manageable to achieve.

Eat High Protein Snacks

Snacks are a great way to help us reach our protein numbers each day. Snacks are something that are way easier to carry around with us to work, school, etc. than meals are. Therefore, we need to make sure that we are getting the most benefit from our snacks. This is a really good chance to help increase our protein intake during the day. Consuming snacks that are high in protein will not only help us reach our numbers, but it will also help hold us over until our next meal. Some examples of high protein snacks that we can eat are: Greek yogurt, beef jerky, cheese sticks, and tuna packets.

Eat a High Protein Breakfast

You’ve heard the saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, and this couldn’t be more true in terms of helping us start off our day in the right direction. By having a breakfast that is high in protein, this will help us get off to a great start. This will help us make progress towards our protein intake goals each morning, and will allow us to avoid having to play catch up later in the day. This will also help to energize us first thing in the morning, and will give us the fuel we need to start our day. Some simple ways that we can increase our protein intake in the morning is by maybe eating both eggs and egg whites, as opposed to just eating one. Another easy way to add protein is by adding in some meat to our plate like bacon or sausage, or even by adding in something small like Greek yogurt. All of these are quick, easy fixes that will help increase our protein intake in the morning and ultimately help keep us on track to reach our protein goal.

Pre-make Protein

I know protein isn’t always the easiest thing to just whip up in 5 minutes and eat, and that is why it tends to be so hard to find ways to get protein in. One way that we can offset this problem is by making extra protein when we do find the time to cook. This kind of goes hand in hand with meal prepping. Doing this will not only help you save time overall, but it will also help set you up for success when it comes to meeting your protein numbers. Having easy access to protein is going to make it easier for us to implement into our diet.

Those are just a few of the ways that we can make small adjustments to our daily regimens that will help us have an easier time reaching our protein goals. As we can see, it doesn’t have to be huge changes in order for us to reach what can sometimes seem like an intangible number. Sometimes all we need are those small adjustments to what we already do, and then we are set up for success.

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