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3100 Reps In 31 Days

To kick the New Year off right we've got a little challenge for you! Join us in completing 100 reps a day for the next 31 days! That's 3100 reps in 31 days!

31 days... 31 different movements...

Each day you will complete 100 reps of the movement of the day starting day one off with Air Squats!

Everything on this list you can do at home or at the gym before or after class. If you can accomplish these 3,100 reps in the next 31 days imagine what you can accomplish this year!

Get after it!

  1. Air Squats

  2. Push-ups

  3. Sit-ups

  4. Lunges

  5. Supermans

  6. Mountain Climber

  7. Plank Toe Touches

  8. Reverse Lunges

  9. Seated Russian Twist

  10. Plank Shoulder Taps

  11. Jumping Jacks

  12. Inverted Rows (Pronated Grip)

  13. No Push Burpees

  14. Alt. Supermans

  15. Plank Knee Tucks

  16. Close Grip Push-ups

  17. Glute Bridges

  18. Lying Knee Tucks

  19. Step ups

  20. Hang Scap Squeezes

  21. Lying Bicycle Kicks

  22. Jumping Squats

  23. Inverted Rows (Supinated Grip)

  24. Hollow Rocks

  25. Bent Over T Raises

  26. Alt. Single Leg Deadlifts

  27. Wide Grip Push-ups

  28. Hanging Knee Tucks

  29. Bent over Y Raises

  30. Lying Swimmer Kicks

  31. Burpees

Tag us in your videos @blackironcf using the hashtag #3100reps

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