3/20/20 At home WODs

We are excited to bring you our at home workouts while we are temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 breakout. You will have three options to fit your resources at home and here is a quick video talking abou the differences in each.

AT HOME GYM: meaning you have a fully functional garage gym and can follow our normal programming. Here is the video break down for day one.

MINIMAL EQUIPMENT: meaning you some but not much equipment at home, maybe a single KB and a jump rope. Here is the video break down for day one.

BODY WEIGHT ONLY: meaning you have no equipment. Here is the video break down for day one.

We hope these help keep you moving towards a happier and healthier life! Let us know if you have any questions, comment below and track your scores in Wodify. Our members will be able to log into the virtual class each day to stay engaged and track there scores!

Best of luck and stay healthy!

Your friends at Black Iron CrossFit.

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