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Here is today's #WOD!


Clean Complex:

2 Cleans + 2 Cleans below the Knee + 2 Cleans Above the Knee

Building to a heavy for the day


  • athletes choice of power of squat on all cleans

  • all reps unbroken

  • 6 reps total


Complex: Clean Complex: 2 Clean Pulls + 2 Power Cleans below the Knee + 2 Squat Cleans Above the Knee


  • all reps unbroken

  • 6 reps total



100 Box Step-ups @24/20"

65 Push-ups

30 G2OH @75/55

Coaches Challenge

Push-ups--> Rings Dips

BB @95/65

Stay positive and have fun! You are on your way to a happier, life.

Nice work today, don’t forget to track your progress and check in on Facebook or tag us in your pictures and videos on Instagram. Follow @blackironcf and tag us with the hashtag #blackironcf

Happier. Healthier.

Your friends at Black Iron CrossFit

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