Here is today's #WOD!


a. Split Squats: 4 sets x8 reps



  • building in weight or across

b. Cossack Squats: 4 sets x18 reps


  • alternating reps

  • 16 total

Tabata :20 sec on /:10 sec transition

  • BB Thrusters

  • Hollow Rocks

  • BB Romanian Deadlifts

  • No Push Burpees over the BB

x32 Rounds


a. Belly Lying:

  • Lying Y Raises: 3 sets x15 reps

(rest 1 minute between)

  • Lying T Raises: 3 sets x15 reps

(rest 1 min between)

  • Lying W Raises: 3 sets x10 reps w/1 sec pause @top

(rest 1 minute between)

b. Tabata :20 sec on /:10 sec transition

  • alt Single leg Deadlifts

  • alt Plank toe touches

  • Burpees

  • alt Jumping lunges

x32 Rounds (16 mins)


Nice work today, don’t forget to track your progress and check in on Facebook or tag us in your pictures and videos on Instagram. Follow @blackironcf and tag us with the hashtag #blackironcf

Happier. Healthier.

Your friends at Black Iron CrossFit

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