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Here is today's #WOD!


4 Rounds **NFT

A1) RDLs: x5-8 reps @70% of 1 rep clean

A2) Elevated Ring Rows: x(-2) reps

Alternating Single Leg V-Ups: x10-16 reps

A3) Weighted Plank Hold: x:40-:60 seconds

**no rest between rounds


EMOM x16

M1: :50 sec Cal Row

M2: :40 sec T2B

M3: :30 Burpees @6" target

M4: :20 sec alt Devil Presses @35/20

Coaches Challenge

Burpees to 12" target

DB @50/35

Stay positive and have fun! You are on your way to a happier & healthier life.

Nice work today, don’t forget to track your progress and check in on Facebook or tag us in your pictures and videos on Instagram. Follow @blackironcf and tag us with the hashtag #blackironcf

Happier. Healthier.

Your friends at Black Iron CrossFit

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