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What is Elements?


If you are new to CrossFit, Elements is mandatory before jumping into any of our CrossFit classes. You will be required to complete at least 6 private sessions with one of our Coaches in order to set you up for the best success moving forward.


Elements is our beginner's course designed to teach you what we do and how you can do it too. We cover everything you need to know about jumping into our program. We will learn how to squat, work through appropriate pull-up progressions, and everything else in between so that when you start your first class you are not lost or feel behind the curve. Anyone can jump into Elements, learn the basics and start CrossFit with us. We want to set you up for the best long-term success and make sure we find ACCURACY, build CONSISTENCY, and then add INTENSITY. By starting off with our Elements program you will learn to do exactly that! 


To learn more about Elements and how to get started click the link below to schedule a FREE Consultation or Sign-up NOW and one of our coaches will reach out to get you booked for day 1!

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