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“Awesome Coaching! Programming is on point! Walked in and immediately felt like home. Everyone from coaches to athletes were very welcoming!” 


—  Bobby

About us

At Black Iron CrossFit we have been training athletes of all abilities since 2013. This is our profession, not our hobby. We take care of everyone that steps through the door to ensure they get the best results in the safest manner. Our coaching philosophy is all about ACCURACY, CONSISTENCY, and INTENSITY. In that order. Always. First, we teach you how to move with good form, we find Accuracy. Then we build consistency, trying to move well more often than not. Finally, we add intensity. Patience is productive and we want to make sure every workout is fun and productive so you are always moving forward.  Once we find intensity, it never goes away. CrossFit never gets easier, you just get better and we are there every step of the way guiding you through this process. To learn more about us, schedule a No-Sweat Intro so we can sit down and answer any questions you might have before jumping into a class.



CrossFit never gets EASIER, you just get BETTER!

Let us know if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you!

Black iron CRossfit

Accuracy - Consistency - Intensity

279 W Main Street Suite # 122

Frisco, TX 750346

Tel: (972) 584-7956

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